beyond weight loss

Personalised weight loss programme under the supervision of dedicated experts

What we do

We approach weight loss through a proper health management programme. Our academy provides health education, nutritional training and lifestyle coaching to create a healthy body for every body.


lifetrainme offers immersion retreats under the supervision of dedicated experts in the fields of health and weight loss: this includes medical specialists, nutritionists, activity and coaching experts all championed by a community of motivators.

Mimi and Sasha enjoy a  glass of juice together, discussing various diets; they wonder why they don’t work long term.

On a bike ride, they agree to stay in shape and motivate each other with fitness and food.

David MD, joins the conversation over dinner; they all agree that some people could need medication and ongoing support to maintain a healthy weight for life.

The three realise there is a need for this level of support and commit to create an online platform to help others achieve optimum health and weight.

March to Summer 2017
lifetrainme is created as a result of the three pooling their expertise to help everyone become their best possible self

More to come
Keep an eye on us. Our academy and retreats are now available.