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In this busy world it can be very difficult to find time to look after ourselves properly. We always seem to focus on the needs of others first. This is indeed a selfless act, but wouldn't we benefit from behaving in a more self-ful way? Taking the time to nourish our body and mind is not self indulgent or selfish.

I have just had the privilege of spending time with 8 like minded, wonderful people who are were ready to make serious changes in their lives. The most basic changes we can make start with the diet and getting it right can be difficult for even the best of us.

I am just back from leading a superb raw food retreat in Wales where I  have been teaching a raw-curious group the basics of raw food and how to incorporate more raw into the every day diet. It's been a blast talking about breakfast smoothie bowls,crackers, biscuits, salads and raw vegan cakes. Even better that we go to eat the very same food!

The next raw vegan retreat is coming on 9-11th March and is already 50% sold. If you are curious about raw food, then this is the retreat for you. You'll learn lots of information and tips to incorporate more raw food into your daily diet. I hope to see you there. For more information please go to

Written by: Mimi

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