Fitness training as Spring arrives.

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Fitness training as Spring arrives is easy because the weather is warming up.  Great news because it's almost time to get my bike back on the road. I was preparing to go out recently and my daughter asked me why I wear a little cap under my cycling helmet when I ride my bike. Having been brought up in a cycling household I immediately told her that the little cap is actually called a Berietta. Now, you may think that this is a fashion thing, but there are two bits of logic as to why cyclists still wear those little caps even though the modern rider usually wears a helmet as well.

For me it is hygiene issue. If I am out on my racing bike my head gets sweaty, and I would rather the cap absorb the sweat than the foam of the helmet. The cap can be put in the wash with my cycling clothing at the end of the ride, and if it is damaged can cheaply be replaced. The foam in my helmet has to be ordered from the manufacturer to fit correctly, is expensive for what it is, and you have to buy a whole set, not just the ones you lost in the wash.

I am at an age where some of my contemporaries don't have any hair, and for them a berietta has an added advantage. Cycling helmets have air vents, which can allow flies in which then buzz inside your helmet tapping on your bald head. A berietta prevents this  annoyance and lets you get on with cycling.

 Whatever the reason, I am now in the habit of putting one on, and I will continue to do so for as long as I can ride. Now that Spring is here it is easy to get on your bike so give it a try. 

Written by: Brad


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