Let’s make time to recharge and relax this weekend.

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Sometimes it’s nice to be able to chill and take time out to recharge and relax. Life is so hectic and we are all so used to putting work events in the diary but do we always remember to make time for our friends and family? For me, unless something is in the diary I often don’t find the time to do the things that I want.

Recently, I had a gap in the diary and was presented with the opportunity to head out to one of my favourite places in the UK; Glastonbury. So, without any hesitation I found myself packing a little overnight bag and setting the destination in the sat nav.

Glastonbury is a town that is associated with the Summer music festival and although that’s not really my thing, it’s a town that really is worth a visit.

I took my daughter this time as she had never been and she came away feeling the same as I do about the place. There’s something really special about Glastonbury and the vibe really gets you feeling chilled and relaxed. The company of wonderful friends, new and old, was great and we all just laughed from the minute we arrived. One of my truly special sisters is Abby Wilkes of www.abbywilkes.com and boy did we make the most of our time together. Whilst our daughters were happily chatting and giggling, we took the time to reflect on life, love and work. What a weekend we had, all punctuated with great food at www.excaliburcafe.net . The sourdough pizza was a big hit and was a recommendation from my friend Kenny, who manages the café. Everything we tried off the menu was super tasty and there was lots to choose from, even for a gluten free diet. Kenny’s jun, which he sells at the café, is heavenly and was the very thing that first got me started on fermented foods several years ago.

Whilst wondering around the town, there are loads of beautiful and interesting shops, all sending an amazing array of goods. If you enjoy travelling, there will be lots of items of genuine interest.

Finally, during your visit, you’ll want to go and see Glastonbury Tor. Now managed by the National Trust, it is a fantastic sight to visit. The views are spectacular and the Tor is even said to be home to faeiries, namely, Gwyn ap Nudd, King of the Fairies. If you look closely at my photo (bottom left) you can even see one….if, like me, you believe in them.

So, what will you choose to do this weekend coming? Are you going to schedule in some time to recharge and relax?

Written by: Mimi

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