Why I no longer drink: the lost diary of a 21 year old student.

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How do you feel about alcohol? Could you live without it?  I was looking through my notes recently and I was interested to read an unpublished article I wrote on Sober October. It's kind of funny because alcohol doesn't feature in my life at all anymore and it's strange to read that it once did. Here is my article.

Day 1: 

Where most 21 year olds are partying their way into adulthood, I have decided to take part in sober October. Not only is it for a good cause, but I wanted to do something for my body - and this is the ultimate detox.

I fear this month will pose many problems. Not only am I a student, but I also happen to run the student night at one of the biggest night clubs in Edinburgh. Oh and did I forget to mention that in a flat of five, I am the only one brave/ stupid enough to take on this challenge? I can already tell my flatmates are going to be a bad influence.

Join me on my journey, laugh through my pain, chuckle at my tales - and before I forget, wish me luck!

Day 7: 

Last night, I have to say, was a but of a struggle. At work it was 80s night, so I turned up looking fresh of out an 80s work out video, leotard, leg warmers and all. I was ready to boogie. Toto blazing through my ears,  leg warmers glowing in the flashing lights, I knew it was going to be a fun night.

Everyone was quite tipsy having a good time. My friends kept asking me if I wanted a drink but I resisted. In true sober October spirit I kept to my word and had a great time dancing with myself!

In spite of my love of the 80s, I didn’t stay out too long. I knew I had to be in the library early the next day.

I was sound asleep by around 1:30. Then was woken up at 4am by my flatmates, returning home from their drunken ventures. All I could hear was a lot of stumbling and giggling, then a speech about how much they all loved each other, then another stumble and a flop into bed.

I couldn't help but chuckle knowing that they would all be feeling awful in the morning, and I would be as perky as can be!

So far so good. I have managed to get through week one!

Only 3 more to go!

Perk number one of not drinking: Being able to get up easily in the mornings.

Day 14:

Two weeks in, and I can honestly say I feel great!

I can get up earlier, I have more energy to go to the gym and exercise as I am not nursing a hangover! The sober experience honestly may stick with me.

I have also noticed that all my friends have been struck down with the winter snuffles, but I am absolutely fine! I am usually the first one to get ill - my immune system is awful! But this year, winter is setting in and I am absolutely fine!

Alcohol weakens your immune system, and I think this no drinking policy has saved me from the flu! Thank you sober October!

Perk number two of not drinking: no more sniffles!

Day 21:

So, its week three. Not only am I feeling healthier, more energised, and an awful  lot more smug; I also now have spare cash! I even took myself shopping!

I am honestly forgetting the reasons as to why I drank in the first place. I am perfectly capable of having fun without alcohol, with the added benefits of no hangover! Whats not to like?

Perk number three of not drinking: More spare cash.

 Day 28:

My final week. If I'm honest I'm going to miss this. As soon as November hits I’m going to be fumbling around for excuses as to why I can’t drink. It’s going to be back to ‘oh don't be boring just have one.’ Sober October gave me the perfect excuse, I can honestly say I had a great month!

I’m going to take the lessons I learnt from this month forwards. I don't even think I want to even drink anyone. It seems pointless to excessively drink, especially when it’s something I don't actually like that much anyway. If I’m honest with myself, I only really drink for the social aspect of it, but this month has shown me that I can enjoy myself alcohol free. When you think about it, letting social circumstance define your overall health and wellbeing is ludicrous! I shall have a sip of champagne here and there, but my days of drinking games and forgetful evenings are well and truly over.

Perk number four: Alcohol free.

So, with so many benefits to living an alcohol free life, why wait until Sober October? Let us know how you feel about alcohol? Could you live without it?

Written by: Sasha






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