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I set up lifetrainme for one simple reason: to share with others the permanent solution to weight loss. I tried various over-the-counter meal plans. Sure, I shed a few lbs, but naturally I would put the weight back on again. It seemed to me as if diet companies were just selling low calorie, low taste, plans and  hoping they would catch on. More often than not it did, and I bought into it. But, they never provided after care, their programme was only temporary, and to top it all off some were borderline unsafe. I was stuck in this cycle of gaining weight, trying a new diet, losing a few lbs, then gaining it back again. I didn't know where to turn.

So I took matters into my own hands. About 15 years ago my own research began and I read the book ‘Raw Family.’ Here, I learnt how cooking fresh produce can kill some of the valuable enzymes and nutrients the body needs. So, I spent the summer eating salads, but as inventive as I am with cooking, or should I say prepping, eating salad every day can get a little tiresome. I needed to dig a little deeper, and so my research continued.

I then looked to exercise for the cure. I went straight online and bought the latest training tracker, which back then was so big it was more like an armband than the sleek bracelets you can get today. I wore it religiously. Everyday I’d wake up early before work, spend two hours in the gym, get home, then gym for another hour. At the end of the day I’d connect my tracker to my laptop, input my food intake, let the computer do its thing, and see if I’d used up more calories than I’d eaten. Much like the salads, this too became a little tiresome. It wasn't sustainable, so I continued looking.

At this point, the Christmas season had come to an end, I’d put on a few lbs, and all I wanted was a quick fix. So I bought into the ‘quick n easy’ weight loss ‘solutions.’ The delivery came and the kitchen cupboards were stacked high with weight loss bars and meal replacement shakes. Not only did they taste disgusting, but I never felt full, I was constantly hungry and scratching around for real food! This is when I realised this can’t be healthy, physically or mentally; so it was back to the drawing board.

By this point I’d lost hope. All I wanted was to go on a diet where I could lose my weight for good. It wasn't just me, my friends were struggling too, from Weight Watchers to Teatoxing nothing seemed to work, it was all short term and unsustainable. We’d all inevitably end up where we started.

All my research to his point had led me to the conclusion that I wasn't actually looking for a diet but rather a sustainable way of living healthily. The light-bulb moment came when I revisited the books that had first started me off on my journey and approached them with fresh eyes. Suddenly, the penny dropped and I realised that the body views food as information and I needed to change the way my palate was behaving.

Over the years I had eaten my way through various diet plans and listened to all the marketing hype around them. All I had done was kill off my taste buds and my desire to eat anything truly healthy. I’d also denied my body the ability to heal itself and find balance. The body is truly amazing in so many ways if only we will give it the support it needs.

I discovered that a low human intervention diet is the way forward (low HI for short). I learnt that keeping it simple is key. Anything that has been processed or comes in fancy packaging is a no-no. For example: A fresh cut of meat is great, whereas something like a sausage, that has been processed and is a long way from its natural state, is not. It all boils down to keeping your ingredients natural or as close to nature intended as possible. Good food really isn’t complicated and in return for eating well you can keep your body happy and healthy. It really is that simple.

We all know how to take care of our pets. Horses are fed the best of nutrients to maximise performance, guinea pigs are given fruit and vegetables otherwise they will suffer from conditions related to a lack of vitamin C. In our zoos, the frozen fish that penguins are fed  must be supplemented. So why do we not do the same for ourselves?

It seems that we are happy to outsource our health and wellbeing. We rely on ready meals and quick fixes to feed our bodies; but is this the right thing to do? If we strip back our food and make things less complicated, the simplicity of it all screams out. The wisdom to keep your body healthy comes from within. We just need to go back to prep-school (food-prep school) and start taking notes.

How is it that I can look and function like someone many years my junior? I must be doing something right. I’m often asked why do I have a vibrancy that shines from within. Why is my skin so clear, unblemished and wrinkle free? Not bad for someone on the “other” side of 50. Did I just have an easy paper-round or is there more to it?

At this age, I can look back and realise the mistakes I made, believing wholeheartedly that I was doing the right thing. Spending hours in the gym and wearing out my joints. I lay victim to all the hype I was reading and the fads everyone was following. Thankfully, awareness is now growing thanks to the internet and social media. I realise that not everyone has the time to learn and research to the degree that I do, this is why I am so excited to share my findings with you all. My research has led me to completing various qualifications ranging from advanced diplomas in medical weight loss and nutrition, juice therapy and personal training certificates to qualifications as a raw food chef. The list goes on, and I’m currently researching a PhD in Naturopathic Medicine.

It is my vision that everyone should have somewhere to go where they can feel confident that they are being shown how to eat and live well. That vision became reality one day when I was chatting to a GP and he was so impressed with my approach that he wanted to work together to help make this available to everyone. Before I knew it, lifetrainme was born.

Please don't do what I did, look after you body and your body will look after you.

With every good wish for your ongoing health and happiness,


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