Simple Changes

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We have all trained at some point in our lives. It may have been forced at school, or it may have been driven by self motivation. However, for many of us training came to an end and we now dread re-starting something that has become unfamiliar. As I always say, you shouldn't be scared of training. The fitness industry has made exercise appear to be difficult and hard work by making you feel like you have to go to a gym and buy special equipment to get fit. In reality, your journey to a healthy body can start with very simple changes.

What simple things can you do get fit?

Stop parking by the door at supermarkets. Why not park the furthest distance from the supermarket door and walk in. It is less likely that anybody else will be parked there, so your car will have a lower statistical chance of having a trolley pushed into it. However, it does not matter how empty the car park is somebody will park next to you. Little changes like this add up over a week.

Do you really need to use the car for all of your journeys? Walking is a good start to any weight loss program, and if you were to get the bike out of the shed, you would be surprised how far you can go. I have a pair of cheap panniers permanently attached to my bike to make a quick trip to the shop easy and convenient. In rush hour the bike is far quicker than the car, and it’s a great feeling cruising past stationary traffic. Some people say that they are worried about the exhaust fumes, please research this yourself on the internet. Inhaling  the fumes from the car in front through your car's air intake is far more damaging. A bike also gives you the cardio benefit that you don't get from sitting in a car.

These things sound obvious, but it's amazing how many of us don't do them. Fitness is not about plodding off to the gym for hours, it’s about lots of little changes. Go for a walk at lunchtime, use your bike for quick shopping trips, stop getting stressed looking for the parking spot by the door, park up and walk those few extra strides. It’s amazing how these things add up.

Written by: Brad


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