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As a nutritionist and raw food educator I am always happy when people get excited about food, especially youngsters. After all, the sooner we can guide the younger generation to eat well and look after themselves so much the better. According to research conducted by the Nielsen Global Health and Wellness Survey it seems that younger consumers are more concerned about everything from food ingredients to genetically modified ingredients than previous generations. Clean and healthy eating is now en vogue and, what’s more, it is gaining in popularity.

Recently, I was delighted received a message from one of my dearest friends telling me that her 7 year daughter (who is known as my spiritual daughter) was following my example and blazing a trail all of her own. In a bid to impress everyone at lifetrainme, she had prepared her own healthy, super seed breakfast. How could I not be impressed by that? She took a mixture of oats, chia seed, goji berries, hemp hearts and pumpkin and sunflower seeds and soaked them in some cold almond milk (made by her mumma the night before). She was so excited to show me the result of her carefully thought out breakfast, she sent this lovely picture. What a fabulous offering. Thank you Caroline.

It just goes to show that children pick up on our habits, and it doesn’t matter whether they are good or bad. So if we can endeavour to make them good ones, we are indeed giving our children a gift.

I am so happy to think that I am giving my spiritual daughter valuable tools for life and I know that she will only build on the knowledge that she has already acquired. In the meantime her mumma can rest assured that she is getting all the nutrition she needs to grow and develop. Healthy minds and healthy bodies for every body. Breakfasts like these are easy to prepare and if you allow children to choose what they would like to eat for themselves, you’ll be amazed how creative they can be. They will also develop a good understanding of the flavours and textures of food. Why not put out some little bowls of base ingredients. Try chopped up fruits, dried fruits, nuts and seeds (if appropriate for your child’s age as if too young they could present a choke hazard) oats, millet or puffed rice. As Caroline pointed out, you should take into account any allergies.

Rather than sugar use just a little raw honey or maple syrup (they are both loaded with minerals). Get creative with your children. They have no pre-conceived ideas and you never know, you might end up creating a favourite family recipé.

Written by: Mimi


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