Simple Fitness Builders

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Building fitness takes time, and we all need simple things we can measure. One simple thing I have always used to measure my fitness is lamp posts. Go for a walk in the evening for 60 mins, then continue doing the same walk each night but slightly faster. As you get fitter walk faster between certain sets of lamp posts. Soon you will be jogging to one lamp post and sprinting to the next. If you continue with the same route you will have a mental measure of how you have improved, and timings to prove your improvement.

During your fitness journey you will go on holiday, or get ill and that might prevent  you from training. This known route will allow you to resume your training and you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your fitness will return. Remember, at lifetrainme you will have a Personal Roshi encouraging you to get back out there and reminding you of how far you have come.

To get a healthy body and control your weight  you don't need expensive equipment , just small incremental changes to your lifestyle. Make them easy and you will keep them up. Before you know it they will be part of your daily routine.

Written by: Brad


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