Do you train with weights?

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Nobody really wants to hear this but as we get older it becomes more important to train with weights. You may have seen the research on the internet, or the numerous TV programs explaining that this is beneficial. However, many of us don't know where to start. There are two things that you need to remember. Firstly, you need to start by using light weights and get your form correct when you do the exercises. Secondly, you should refer to the lifetrainme video demonstrations.

As a lifetrainme member you have access to a trainer and a Personal Roshi who can build you a suitable weight training plan and work through it with you. Sets of weights are cheap to buy; in fact you can even start with two tins of baked beans. There is a large amount of sugar in baked beans, so it is probably healthier to use them as weights rather than eat them. The training software we use at lifetrainme will allow your trainer and Roshi to build a suitable programme for you that will gradually improve your strength. It is easy to upload, or you can print out the routine as a paper reference to use whilst you train. Remember to watch the video to get your form correct before you start with weights. Never compromise form to use a heavier weight, and do the exercises slowly tensioning your muscles through the entire movement. Never fall into the trap of trying to use weights that are too heavy. This means you won’t be able to complete the movement fully. Listen to your Roshi and follow the guidance.

Weight training can be motivational. As you improve, the weights go up and you will see your body change. Photos may help you see the changes, but remember it takes time. The fitness industry is always shouting about quick ways to achieve results. You need to bear in mind that It takes around four months to see a marked difference in your body, not six weeks. Never believe those before and after photos. At lifetrainme we don’t believe that there is after. At lifetrainme we build a sustainable health and fitness plan for life.

Written by: Brad


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