Are you sitting comfortably?

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I love cycling and recommend it to everyone trying to get fit. The most common objection I get is “what about those saddles”. Everyone who has tried cycling and given up only to remember their painful saddle experience.

Let’s set the record straight; those little racing saddles can be far more comfortable than those big ones sold as “comfortable” saddles. You need to understand how to use them. If you want to ride a racing bike, and I recommend you do as they are far easier to ride than most other types of bicycle, then you have to set it up correctly. The handle bars should be lower than the saddle, resulting in your body weight being distributed between your arms and your bum. Not all of your bodyweight is therefore perched on the saddle. Those comfort saddles require an upright position, with your entire bodyweight resting on them. That’s why they hurt. Who wants to sit for hours with their entire weight resting in one position?

Another thing to note is that you need to move further forward on a racing saddle, not rest your whole weight on the wide bit at the back. If you watch a pro cyclist race you can always see the back of their saddle. Also, I would recommend investing in some decent padded shorts and wear them commando (no pants). Expensive shorts have thick padding in all the right places, so they are worth the money. Do your own research and find what’s right for you. It’ll make your cycling so much more enjoyable

Written by: Brad

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