Superfoods – A buzz word in the health world

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Everywhere you turn you can see superfoods stocked on the shelves and another new name appears the already long list of must-haves.

I’ve been asked about superfoods many times. What do I think about them? What are they and how much do I need to consume?

“Superfoods” is a widely coined marketing term which describes foods with a high nutrient, mineral and vitamin content. Whilst there is no technical definition of these foods examples might include kale, spinach, acai, blueberries, pomegranates and green tea.

Many of these superfoods are nutrient rich and claim to help you fight disease, feel more energetic and even lose weight. Many of them carry a high price tag so are they really worth it?

The idea of labelling some foods as ‘super’ in the media may give the impression that other foods are not as healthy. This could be misleading because in reality, these other “normal” foods still contain large amounts of essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

At lifetrainme we believe in eating a balanced healthy diet of fresh produce. Food has the power to heal the body but the modern perception of what real food is has now become skewed. lifetrainme teaches how to decide which foods are right for you and how to eat them. Super food choices make a super you. In our world super food is good food. For more information see the About page. There will be more information coming through our social media and podcasts.

Written by Mimi

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