Sri Lankan Supper Club

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The date was set for November 26th and before we knew it the Sri Lankan Supper Club was upon us. Held at the lifetrainme Hub Kitchen and hosted by our very own Roshi, Sasha and Chef Mimi with a guest appearance by Gayani's Kitchen HQ,  the dinner was served to an intimate and lively party of 6.

Throughout the afternoon the lifetrainme team had a sneak peak of the evening's menu plus some extra tasters. We'd never eaten dry roasted jack fruit seeds with freshly grated coconut before, yet we are all keen to repeat the experience.It's a traditional Sri Lankan snack. So simple yet so tasty.

The meal for the evening started with a unique dish of fried lotus root and pineapple salad served in a banana flower petal.  The main dishes were pumpkin curry, mushroom curry, vegetable curry, aubergine chutney, polsambol, coconut and kale salad . Dessert was equally as delicious and was a simple platter of exotic fruits served with a slice of Mimi's special chocolate tarte. The conversation  flowed freely from food to travel, business to family. The guests were soon chatting like long lost friends and all too soon the evening drew to a close and everyone was saying goodbye.

We look forward to the next event which we will be sharing with you on December 10th. It's a healthy cake and coffee morning at the Hub Kitchen. Details on social media. See you there.

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