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A good friend of mine, who lives in Alabama, saw I was in the States, and called to ask if I would like to go to a concert with her and some friends down in Texas. It was Labor Day weekend and I hadn’t planned anything yet, so the timing was perfect. Before I knew it I was on a flight heading south!

The flights were much cheaper if I flew into New Orleans, so my friend came to collect me from the airport, which was a task in itself. The airport wi-fi wasn’t working, and to avoid extra charges on my bill  I never turn my data roaming on when I’m abroad. This made it almost impossible to find her. I ended up asking a member of staff to make an announcement over the Tannoy. When my friend failed to come to my cry for help over the crackly speaker phone that was projected throughout the whole airport, I went to try and find her on foot. Another member of staff could clearly see I was confused/lost/needed help, and asked if I was looking for someone. I explained my situation and he tried his best but there wasn’t much he could do! After all, he didn’t know what my friend looked like. Frustrated and aching from carrying my backpack, I marched back inside  the building in a hopeless attempt to find my friend; a small, blonde, American. It seemed my luck was out, as so many on this side of the Pond  could fit this description. However, a gangly British brunette with a huge, red back pack is much more easily identifiable. To my delight, Michelle found me! She bumped into the same man who had asked me if I was lost, and, whats more, he pointed her in the right direction. Finally, reunited! Now I could sit back, relax, and tackle the 5 hour drive to Houston.

After a night’s kip in a motel, we made it to Houston! Michelle’s high school friend and her husband gave us a place to stay. When we arrived we were ravenous, so we headed out for food. We were introduced to this pizza bar, where the pizzas are all hand made and supposedly it’s the best in town. The food was great, but the portions were just ridiculous. I’ve heard that a Texan portion is more like something you would see on ‘Man vs Food,’ but I was still blown away. There is just no way I could finish it all.

The next day was the man of the house’s birthday! So we went out for breakfast to an all American diner. Looking though the menu all I could see were items swimming in a pool of syrup and sugar. I wanted something a little healthier, so I ordered an omelet with spinach and onion, naively thinking that that would be better for me. Anywhere else in the world, maybe, but not in America. My omelet was about the length of a litre water bottle, and packed full of goodness knows what. I can’t even imagine what was in it. It even came with a side of bread! Who knew that you needed a side order with your breakfast!

In spite of not managing to eat half of what was on my plate, I practically had to roll myself back into the car. Next stop was the Mall. I found myself in Lush, I can never resist the gorgeous smells! They have just brought out a new natural toothpaste. Working at lifetrainme, you learn so much about the harmful chemicals they put in conventional toothpastes, and I hate the idea of putting something so harmful into my body. Usually natural alternatives are quite expensive, but this was quite reasonably priced, so I was sold. I also bought an all natural face mask so we could get ready for this concert in style; really take our time and pamper. Getting ready is half the fun; am I right ladies?

Finally, we were ready for the concert, the poor birthday boy got all of five minutes in the bathroom; that’s what happens when there are three women in the house! The Über had arrived and we were off to see Dillon Francis! To be honest, I had never heard of him, but as soon as he came on I was quick to recognise some of his mixes. The concert was so much fun. It was great to see Francis getting really into his music too, he was clearly so happy up on that stage. After the concert we ended up getting invited to the after party, this is when I got a really appreciation for exactly how big and spread out Houston is. It took us a good hour to get back to where we were staying. To clarify; at no point had we left the city of Houston! I mean I had heard the city was large, but that’s just beyond inconvenient!

The next day it was time to go home, Michelle and I found a healthy fast food place on the way back. They portion out all their meals and have breakfast, lunch and dinner options. It’s a great idea if you’re stuck for time and want something quick. It even has a drive through. I had salmon and greens, with some kale chips and organic kombucha. It was more expensive than your regular fast food place, but personally, I don’t think you can put a price on your health. I would rather pay an extra $3 than have a burger or something else unhealthy. Plus, I feel better for it! It would be great to see healthy Drive - Through menu options back home; as from what I’ve seen, our options are limited unless you change your fries for carrot sticks at McDonalds, and let’s be honest, that’s not happening.

Written by: Sasha Rae





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