Belfast, Northern Ireland

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I had only been back home for two weeks, and already had the urge to plan another break. I found a flight to Ireland for £10 – so, it was bags packed and off to the airport again!

This time, my best gal friend decided to come with me. She was flying from London, and I from Edinburgh. The grand plan was to meet at the airport, and share a taxi to the hotel. In our best attempt to save money and cut our carbon footprint, we failed miserably. Yes, you guessed it, I was sat waiting in Belfast City Airport, she was sat waiting in  Belfast International Airport. Blonde moment number one of the trip – oh yes! There are more to come.

After a slightly embarrassing start to the trip we finally found each other! It was so nice to see her after a whole summer apart. As best friends we had so much to catch up on - my crazy trip to India and her grand move to Spain!

Like true travellers, we had our catch up on the way to a near by museum. The Titanic Museum! As I'm reading history at University I am ashamed to admit that I had no clue that the Titanic was built in and set off from Belfast. All I can say is - at least now I know! The museum was so interesting, really emotional towards the end; Céline playing faintly in the back ground whilst a tour guide, in a lovely Irish lilt, talked about all those who didn't make it off the ship. Totally worth a visit.

Next up was a brief disagreement about where to have dinner. I'd done my research and found a place called Raw Food Rebellion. I really wanted to try it out, but the bezzie wasn't too keen. Using my impending birthday as persuasion, I won and we were in a taxi heading to raw food paradise.

The restaurant was so lovely. The staff were super friendly and assured my friend that she's didn't have to go completely raw if she didn't want to. So out of respect for her Spanish roots she went for the Mexican sandwich and I the raw Pad Thai. Both dishes were lovely. So fresh and so tasty! To finish we went for a raw snickers cake. If I'm honest I was a little sceptical as I'm used to the lifetrainme raw cakes, and they are just awesome; so I didn't want to get my hopes up. But to my surprise the cake was right up there - totally up there at the lifetrainme me standards - our health Guru would be so proud!

The next day we booked on a bus tour of the city. The weather was on our side so we went for the open top double decker. I have to say the tour was so informative, the guide really knew his stuff! I didn't realise that there was still a wall up in the city separating Catholics and Protestants. The gate opens at 6am and closes at 6pm. In spite of this, the guide assured us that Belfast is the 2nd safest city in the world! Ranking just after Tokyo apparently....

After the tour we got off at Queen’s University. As students ourselves we felt the need to check out the competition and reassure ourselves that we made the right choice with Edinburgh. I must admit, the University is beautiful. It looks like the backdrop of Downtown Abby. I was slightly jealous as Edinburgh University looks like a mess right now with all the building work going on.

In true student/traveller fashion one thing led to another. Next thing I knew I was in a bar drinking Guinness, waking up the next day with a headache, dry mouthed and confused.Top marks for a top city. We’ll be back, to be sure.

Thank you Belfast.

Written by: Sasha Rae

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