Devil or Angel. Which one are you?

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Listen to this quick interview with Mimi to get some festive tips on how to make a healthy alternative to traditional pigs in blankets. These little festive garnishes are better for you than more readily available versions and are really tasty too. Whilst we are using streaky bacon, it is only in small amounts  and it's the fillings that give the real punchy nutritional kick.

There are two options to choose from.   Devils on Horseback and  Angels on Horseback.

The angels are made using chestnuts, which are packed full of potassium, which can lower blood pressure.  The  fibre helps your digestive system run smoothly. They are also exceptionally rich in vitamin C with  100 g nuts providing 43 mg of vitamin C, which is approximately 75% of the recommended daily amount. That's pretty impressive for a little chestnut.

The devils come in the form of either prunes, figs or dates. All of these dried fruits also contain significant amounts of vitamin C and are high in potassium. The fibre in them also helps to keep you fuller for longer which means you're less likely to reach out for other snacks. To help in the kitchen, it's worth noting that dates are high in vitamin K which helps to coagulate the blood.

Now you know the benefits of both can you decide which one you'd rather be?





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