The joy of Christmas

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I'm at a loss. I don’t understand what happened. My wife opened her present on Christmas day with the look of anticipation you only normally see on an expectant child who had been through the commercial hype leading to the big day itself. She looked at the box carefully wrapped with shiny, silver paper complete with a big bow on top. She smiled at me. “ This is the biggest box under the tree, I have been looking at it for weeks, I know it is for me, I am so excited.”

You see, I knew it was a turbo trainer, and I had visions of us training together on those cold winter days. As she eagerly unwrapped the present I could see that she did not share my enthusiasm. I don't  think disappointed really does justice to the look on her face. Even when I fitted the trainer to her bike in the front room to surprise her, she was not appreciative. Unfortunately, in my own enthusiasm I had not cleaned the gears or back wheel before testing, so the spray of mud and oil up the wall was always going to be an area of contention. Maybe I should have washed up after the Christmas meal, rather than hiding in the lounge fitting the turbo trainer to the rear wheel of her bike.

We have now had time to discuss this, and I have realised the error of my ways. My wife had mistakenly seen the size of the box and assumed the gift was a bag. How disappointed she must have been because she had visualised a beautiful bag, which prevented her from fully appreciating the turbo trainer. 

It’s her birthday in January and I intend to rectify matters. I will not only  get her a bag, but a set of matching panniers as well. The question is, should I get her a saddle bag or a handle bar bag? Which ever I choose, I can see the look on her face now as she opens a present she truly wants and expects.

Written by: Brad


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