Ice Cream for breakfast? Seriously?

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Smoothie bowls are a big hit at lifetrainme, especially when the weather is fabulously warm and sunny. But what about taking this one step further? When the sun is shining and the temperature is rising why not indulge in a breakfast ice cream bowl? Yes, you heard me. Why not? It's dairy free and free from any added and refined sugars and basically it's a chilled down version of our beloved smoothie bowls.

So, I'm guessing you're in; right? These ice cream breakfast bowls are super easy to prepare. Just think of them as a more relaxed version of a dinner party dairy free ice cream. This dish ticks all the boxes as far as healthy food goes, oh, and it tastes superb too. The banana flavour surrenders to the zingy lemon in an act of simple kitchen alchemy.

The only advance prep you will need to do is peel and slice 4 bananas, put them in the freezer and leave overnight. I'm sure we can all manage that one. The next morning you can  then move on to the good bit.


4 peeled and sliced frozen soft bananas

1/4 tsp turmeric or 1tbsp pine pollen

Juice of 1/2 lemon or water

4 drops of essential lemon oil ( You need one you can ingest so I get mine online)

1 tsp lecithin granules (optional)

1/4 cup goldenberries plus extra for sprinkles

Bee Pollen (optional)


  • Place the lemon juice and the golden berries into a blender and break down (or chop the goldenberries by hand if you prefer). You are aiming to break them down a little. They taste like lemon sherbet so are a great addition to this dish.Plus they add a lovely chewy texture. Set aside as you don't want to over process them.
  • Place the frozen banana slices and turmeric (or pine pollen) and lecithin granules if using into the blender and whizz until creamy.
  • Carefully add the lemon oil drops and blend through.
  • Add the broken down goldenberries and lemon and combine lightly.
  • Serve immediately and sprinkle with extra goldenberries and bee pollen
  • Serves 2

If the ice cream has gone a little soft simply pop it back in the freezer to firm up. It will sit there quite happily until required, although ours has never lasted that long. If you do freeze it let it sit at room temperature for 20 minutes before serving.

Written by: Mimi

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