Re-thinking sports injuries.

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If you love keeping fit, then at some point in your life you will probably experience injury. Over the years of playing rugby, cycling and just maintaining my overall fitness I have experienced many sports injuries. The best advice I can give anyone on treatment is to take charge of the information available. A 10 minute Doctor's appointment is useful, but more information is often available to the open minded patient.

For example, 4 years ago I was running in a gym when I experienced a pain in my right knee. I limped to the changing room and straight to the doctors. A hospital appointment scan and x-ray confirmed that I had damaged a ligament in my knee. The damage was severe enough to require an operation. This was an experience that I did not want to have. The friends I had seen undergo knee operations had spent weeks on crutches, and hours in physiotherapy/ rehabilitation.

I proceeded with my usual approach to injury: take my diagnosis and do my own research. The results led me to a specialist physiotherapist who only treated knees. Twenty minutes with him, and I had some exercises to rebuild the muscle around the knee to compensate for the damaged ligament. He explained that to build the muscle would take 6 months, and that if I hyper extended my knee the ligament may be damaged again. Well, it seemed that my sprinting days were over so I decided to try this non-surgical approach, knowing that if it failed I could still go under the knife.

Four years later and my knee is still fine. The muscle did take about 6 months to rebuild, but I started to feel results after just 2 weeks. The moral of this story is always look for alternatives as you may not get all the information you need from the traditional approach of visiting a doctor and hospital. The power of research really is at your fingertips. 

Written by: Brad



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