Let’s visit Australia

Australia is making the news currently and rightly so. People are heading over in their droves to catch the sun, sea and climate. If you're thinking of travelling to Australia for a break we have put together a quick insight into the things you might need to know...

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Saigon, Vietnam

I have put off writing this blog for many weeks now. You’ve had a taste of my Western adventures, but very little of my Eastern experiences, of which there have been many...

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Dublin, Ireland

When I arrived in Dublin, sightseeing had to wait as Bridget Jones' Baby had just come out!

In spite of the actors having a few more grey hairs and too much botox I really enjoyed the new film...

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Houston, TX

A good friend of mine, who lives in Alabama, saw I was in the States, and called to ask if I would like to go to a concert with her and some friends down in Texas...

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Philadelphia, PA

 It was lovely to see my family upstate, but after a couple of days in the wilderness I was very much ready to head into the city. An old school friend has just started her year abroad at the University of Penn...

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New York NY

As you get to know me a little better, you will soon discover that my version of procrastination is browsing through Sky Scanner. I’m always on there looking and this time was no exception...

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