Louise Mac

Hi I’m Louise and my passion is sharing my knowledge of cosmetic science, chemistry, and essential oils to help people make informed decisions on how to detoxify their life and improve their own and their family’s overall health...

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Patricia Campbell-parker

I’m Patricia. I’m a natural therapist, and I love what I do. My business is called VitalWellBeing, which offers exactly what it says, various therapies which support and keep you at your best in this fast pace world of ours...

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Steve Mugnier

I trained in mime, drama and dance at various schools in the UK and Amsterdam before dancing in The Dutch National Opera.

After my career as a Dancer I studied Pranayama in Bangalore...

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Susan Laing

Hello, I’m Susan. I am a Kambo Naturista practitioner. I trained with Giovanni Lattanzi, and deepened my experience with further self-exploration, in the Peruvian Amazon jungle. It was during the 3 weeks there that I released the PTSD symptoms within my own body...

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Marie Burrows

Pleased to meet you! My name is Marie and my passions are love, yoga, travel and storytelling. I am a teacher and lifelong student of yoga, and I share yoga with others because quite simply it saved my life...

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Kiki Stanton

Welcome, I’m Kiki Stanton, a heart-centered business and life coach. I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals struggling with difficult career decisions, burnout, grief and general loss of the zest for life. I don’t believe it has to be that way...

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Peace Ravenwood

Hi everyone, My name is Peace.

I like to bring a touch of the Shamanic to my food by blending alchemy into each and every dish. I am also a raw chocolatier...

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Louise Wade

My name is Louise and I feel honoured to be part of the lifetrainme Academy.  I am thrilled to be helping empower people with natural health solutions.  I have spent my career teaching children...

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Mairi Taylor

Hi there. My name is Mairi Taylor and I am on a mission to help women get their bounce back and feel more in control of their body each month. So, if you are feeling frazzled...

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