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Mimi Bee

Hey there, I’m Mimi. I’ve been interested in raw food for over 20 years since first learning about it in America.

I am a naturally curious soul and have a passion to learn and share my love of healthy living. I am passionate about my work and my cheffing skills have become highly sought after. My mission is to spread love and healing through food. I have realised one of my dreams which is to have my own Retreat House. It’s a lovingly restored converted chapel in Wales, UK. It feels like a very special place indeed. 

I am known for my friendly approach. I take a special interest in longevity, which has naturally led me to use essential oils in my food. I believe these special oils are intrinsic to health and wellness because food isn’t always as nutritious as it should be. I am always exploring new ways to create exciting dishes. 

I like to explore my artistic side and when time permits you will find me hiding away somewhere quiet where I sew, knit socks and dream about singing in a band. During stormy weather you’ll find me hiding under the bed with my trusty little Yorkshire Terrier, Lemony Snickett – as long as there aren’t any spiders! 

Facebook: rawme
Instagram: @thisisrawme

Brad Spence

Hi, my name is Brad. I lecture in nutrition on the lifetrainme academy. Whilst I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, my passion lies in the untold truths of the food industry.  I have spent years researching this very topic. My series explains these hidden truths, but also sheds light on some other interesting, yet not very well known theories. I enjoy researching the latest news and views in the name of health. 

I absolutely loved filming the academy, I did my best to give you the tools you need to truly understand, and therefore take control, of the food that goes into your body. I am a million miles away from prescriptive advice,  I am all about true understanding. 

On sunny days you’ll find me clocking up a few miles on my road bike around the country roads. It has been a love of mine since childhood, something I hope to pass onto my granddaughter in the years to come. I dream of one day sailing around the world, with nothing but the winds and the warm weather to guide me, tasting the fresh and delicious dishes each country has to offer. That’s my idea of the perfect day!

Facebook: lifetrainme
Instagram: @lifetrainme

Emma Dredge

Hi there, I’m Emma and I teach real-world mindfulness.

I met my husband when I was 18 and we embarked on a life full of adventure. After travelling for years, we spent 18 months highflying in London before finally deciding that our livers needed a rest. Parenthood followed and two wonderful children and a dog called Cooper now make up our loud and crazy household.

Corporate life left me burnt out. What was the point of it all? So I embarked on a search for happiness. I read, attended classes, became qualified in neuro linguistic programming, timeline therapy, hypnosis and finally mindfulness. This gave me a gentler way to enjoy life. Joy has become my new pleasure and mindfulness has given me this gift.

I teach mindfulness because it was tricky for me. I could not meditate for an hour a day, I was not a ‘sit still’ kind of person. I came up with my own blend of mindful and meditative living that worked. I want to show others the modern kind of mindful. I have a passion for reading and read at least a book a week! Nothing can beat a long soak in a hot bath with a good book. I also enjoy yoga and recently took up weightlifting which so far has been really cool.

Facebook: projectawesomelife
Instagram: @projectawesomelife

Karina Grubišić

Hi everyone, my name’s Karina and I’m a full-time yoga teacher and plant-based nutrition coach. I have been practicing yoga for 12 years, with a consistent Ashtanga Yoga practice for 4 years . I have been living plant-based for the last 15 years. I relocated to Wolverhampton from London in 2015 to be with my partner and soulmate, Ben, where we share our quaint Victorian house with our tabby cat, Cheech and American Bulldog, Sookie. 

After years of taking from yoga and seeing the wonderful effect the practice has had on my life, I was compelled to start giving back. I travelled to Varkala, South India in 2016, to study Ashtanga Yoga and gain my 200 hour teacher training qualification. I left the corporate world to start Raw Yoga Fitness & Wellness to share my love of yoga and plant-based health; offering 1-2-1 coaching and yoga sessions, affordable group yoga classes, workshops and coming in 2019… retreats! 

My yoga classes are challenging, but meditative, honouring the true tradition of yoga by helping students to live more mindfully, building the strength of body and mind. I absolutely love my job and nothing brings me more pleasure than hearing how I have helped someone become a better version of themselves. 

Facebook: Raw Yoga Fitness & Wellness
Instagram: @raw_yoga_uk


Jenny Lyons

So who am I? I’m Jenny and I have always had a love of good food. As a young kid I loved being in the kitchen with my Granny. I was always experimenting and rarely followed a recipe. My cooking has always used the freshest ingredients. 

I grew up spending weekends and holidays in a tiny fishing village where my Granny spent a lot of time with me and my cousins teaching us to forage seaweed, mushrooms and anything in the hedgerows. We would spend hours outside in nature. At the end of the day we would make dinner and use these foods as seasonings in soups, stews, puddings and even homemade remedies.

Today, I still love to walk outdoors, searching for fresh foraged ingredients. My love of food, nutrition, health and wellness has led me to study. I am a Ballymaloe trained and wholefood chef, a yogi and a MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Release) practitioner. I think of myself as an educator, innovator and realist. 

I love being out in nature. I run workshops in food nutrition and specialise in creating recipes for people with allergies and intolerances, so that everyone can enjoy their favourite meals.  

Facebook : The Little Green Wholefood Company
Instagram: @the_little_green_company

Andy Brine

I help individuals embrace each and every aspect of who they are so that they can truly connect with their Soul and awaken to who they are. Using practices from psychology and philosophy through to coaching and spirituality, I help people to gain clarity and perspective in their lives and live in alignment with their Soul.

Over the best part of 10 years, I have been on my own path to purpose and transformation which has allowed me to learn from many great teachers. From many of these teachings, I now assist others in raising their consciousness and awareness so they are able to become happy, content and fulfilled in their lives.

As an individual, I like to live life present and in the moment and embrace every day. It's my purpose to live by the phrase - "Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery and Today is a Gift which is why they call it the present."

Facebook: The Soul Pathway
Youtube: Andy Brine

Kenny Swann

I have been involved in the raw food and alternative health movement since 1998. It’s been such a passion of mine and since 2013 I have been focusing more on the health benefits of fermented and herbal medicine. This interest led me to create what has now become a very popular range of fermented health drink. I have also been involved with a plant based restaurant in Glastonbury. 

I run work shops and teach about the scientific and nutritional components of fermented foods, along with the metaphysical and spiritual shifts that occur when these plants and micro-organisms are introduced into peoples’ lives. 

I knew that I wanted to educate people about fermented foods after I had a  paranormal experience when I started working with the kefir culture. Kefir has been used by many peoples around the globe for centuries and I wanted to explore more. What I discovered was fascinating and I wanted to bring that fascination to a wider audience. 

I am really happy to be able to share my teachings with you here on the lifetrainme Academy. These cultures are truly life changing. 

Instagram: @avataralchemy

Louise Wade

My name is Louise and I feel honoured to be part of the lifetrainme Academy.  I am thrilled to be helping empower people with natural health solutions.  I have spent my career teaching children. Most of my time teaching was spent at Great Ormond Street Hospital, where I taught extremely sick and unwell children. Making a difference to the children and their families was my dream job.

I have a love for all things natural and trained as a massage therapist. I was fortunate enough to have my own successful massage business in London. I was able to specialise in many therapies including reflexology, nutrition and pregnancy massage.   

It took me a long time to find Mr Right in life, and when I did I moved to Telford, Shropshire. I left everything I knew in London to start my new life and I became pregnant straight away. It was then that I fell passionately in love with essential oils. They could not only support my health but also the health of my little baby. The whole household benefited from essential oils. It was then that I became committed to educating and helping other mothers use more natural solutions in the home.

I love to walk in nature and spend cherished time with my family.

Instagram: @onceuponanoildrop
Facebook: Once Upon an Oil Drop

Mairi Taylor

Hi there. My name is Mairi Taylor and I am on a mission to help women get their bounce back and feel more in control of their body each month. So, if you are feeling frazzled, flabby, fearful of the menopause and beyond or if you are overwhelmed, struggling with PMS and fighting cravings then you are in the right place.

I love to share my love for plants and their healing powers both from food sources and essential oils which can be used at any stage of your life cycle.

I am a qualified Aroma Therapist, Juice Therapist and Pilates Coach. I specialise in pelvic floor dysfunction, pre, and postnatal fitness and am also a qualified Woman’s Health Coach through the Integrative Women’s Health Institute. I have a complete range of tools to empower you to come home to yourself.

In my free time, I love nothing more than swinging in an ariel hoop and walking my gorgeous black Labrador through the local woodlands so that I can ground myself and reconnect with nature.

Instagram: @mt06fab

Peace Ravenwood

Hi everyone, My name is Peace.

I like to bring a touch of the Shamanic to my food by blending alchemy into each and every dish. I am also a raw chocolatier. I’m passionate about living a life on the wild side. I love to shed our busy human entrapments and slink off into the forest to hear the ancient trees speak their wise words. I love to get my toes and fingers into the rich earthy forest floor and forage for medicinal plants to add to meals, juices and medicine cabinets.

I love sharing how we can build up our daily practice of honouring our Divine self with simple activities that set our day off to a perfect start. This very often includes drinking a steaming mug of hot cacao, generously spiked with herbs that support our emotional and physical body.

In my down time you are sure to find me walking in wild places with my service dog, Autumn, or Moo for short. Together we seek out new plants to talk with and wild water to bathe in! I love watching silly films on rainy days and reading a good book!

Facebook :  Medicine Weaver
Instagram: @medicine_weaver