Mimi Bee

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Hey there, I’m Mimi. I’ve been interested in raw food for over 20 years since first learning about it in America.

I am a naturally curious soul and have a passion to learn and share my love of healthy living. I am passionate about my work and my cheffing skills have become highly sought after. My mission is to spread love and healing through food. I have realised one of my dreams which is to have my own Retreat House. It’s a lovingly restored converted chapel in Wales, UK. It feels like a very special place indeed.

I am known for my friendly approach. I take a special interest in longevity, which has naturally led me to use essential oils in my food. I believe these special oils are intrinsic to health and wellness because food isn’t always as nutritious as it should be. I am always exploring new ways to create exciting dishes.

I like to explore my artistic side and when time permits you will find me hiding away somewhere quiet where I sew, knit socks and dream about singing in a band. During stormy weather you’ll find me hiding under the bed with my trusty little Yorkshire Terrier, Lemony Snickett – as long as there aren’t any spiders!

Facebook: rawme
Instagram: @thisisrawme

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