Brad Spence

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Hi, my name is Brad. I lecture in nutrition on the lifetrainme academy. Whilst I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, my passion lies in the untold truths of the food industry.  I have spent years researching this very topic. My series explains these hidden truths, but also sheds light on some other interesting, yet not very well known theories. I enjoy researching the latest news and views in the name of health.

I absolutely loved filming the academy, I did my best to give you the tools you need to truly understand, and therefore take control, of the food that goes into your body. I am a million miles away from prescriptive advice,  I am all about true understanding.

On sunny days you’ll find me clocking up a few miles on my road bike around the country roads. It has been a love of mine since childhood, something I hope to pass onto my granddaughter in the years to come. I dream of one day sailing around the world, with nothing but the winds and the warm weather to guide me, tasting the fresh and delicious dishes each country has to offer. That’s my idea of the perfect day!

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Instagram: @lifetrainme

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