Jenny Lyons

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So who am I? I’m Jenny and I have always had a love of good food. As a young kid I loved being in the kitchen with my Granny. I was always experimenting and rarely followed a recipe. My cooking has always used the freshest ingredients. 

I grew up spending weekends and holidays in a tiny fishing village where my Granny spent a lot of time with me and my cousins teaching us to forage seaweed, mushrooms and anything in the hedgerows. We would spend hours outside in nature. At the end of the day we would make dinner and use these foods as seasonings in soups, stews, puddings and even homemade remedies.

Today, I still love to walk outdoors, searching for fresh foraged ingredients. My love of food, nutrition, health and wellness has led me to study. I am a Ballymaloe trained and wholefood chef, a yogi and a MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Release) practitioner. I think of myself as an educator, innovator and realist. 

I love being out in nature. I run workshops in food nutrition and specialise in creating recipes for people with allergies and intolerances, so that everyone can enjoy their favourite meals.  

Facebook : The Little Green Wholefood Company
Instagram: @the_little_green_company

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