Emma Dredge

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Hi there, I’m Emma and I teach real-world mindfulness.

I met my husband when I was 18 and we embarked on a life full of adventure. After travelling for years, we spent 18 months highflying in London before finally deciding that our livers needed a rest. Parenthood followed and two wonderful children and a dog called Cooper now make up our loud and crazy household.

Corporate life left me burnt out. What was the point of it all? So I embarked on a search for happiness. I read, attended classes, became qualified in neuro linguistic programming, timeline therapy, hypnosis and finally mindfulness. This gave me a gentler way to enjoy life. Joy has become my new pleasure and mindfulness has given me this gift.

I teach mindfulness because it was tricky for me. I could not meditate for an hour a day, I was not a ‘sit still’ kind of person. I came up with my own blend of mindful and meditative living that worked. I want to show others the modern kind of mindful. I have a passion for reading and read at least a book a week! Nothing can beat a long soak in a hot bath with a good book. I also enjoy yoga and recently took up weightlifting which so far has been really cool.

Facebook: projectawesomelife
Instagram: @projectawesomelife

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