Kenny Swann

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I have been involved in the raw food and alternative health movement since 1998. It’s been such a passion of mine and since 2013 I have been focusing more on the health benefits of fermented and herbal medicine. This interest led me to create what has now become a very popular range of fermented health drink. I have also been involved with a plant-based restaurant in Glastonbury.

I run workshops and teach about the scientific and nutritional components of fermented foods, along with the metaphysical and spiritual shifts that occur when these plants and micro-organisms are introduced into peoples’ lives.

I knew that I wanted to educate people about fermented foods after I had a  paranormal experience when I started working with the kefir culture. Kefir has been used by many peoples around the globe for centuries and I wanted to explore more. What I discovered was fascinating and I wanted to bring that fascination to a wider audience.

I am really happy to be able to share my teachings with you here on the lifetrainme Academy. These cultures are truly life-changing.

Instagram: @avataralchemy

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