Peace Ravenwood

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Hi everyone, My name is Peace.

I like to bring a touch of the Shamanic to my food by blending alchemy into each and every dish. I am also a raw chocolatier. I’m passionate about living a life on the wild side. I love to shed our busy human entrapments and slink off into the forest to hear the ancient trees speak their wise words. I love to get my toes and fingers into the rich earthy forest floor and forage for medicinal plants to add to meals, juices and medicine cabinets.

I love sharing how we can build up our daily practice of honouring our Divine self with simple activities that set our day off to a perfect start. This very often includes drinking a steaming mug of hot cacao, generously spiked with herbs that support our emotional and physical body.

In my down time you are sure to find me walking in wild places with my service dog, Autumn, or Moo for short. Together we seek out new plants to talk with and wild water to bathe in! I love watching silly films on rainy days and reading a good book!

Facebook :  Medicine Weaver
Instagram: @medicine_weaver

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