Kiki Stanton

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Welcome, I’m Kiki Stanton, a heart-centered business and life coach.
I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals struggling with difficult career
decisions, burnout, grief and general loss of the zest for life. I don’t believe it
has to be that way. By working together, I’ve seen my clients reconnect with
who they truly are.

This life is a journey to be cherished and enjoyed even through the deepest of
struggles. You already have the answers within you and my passion is helping
you increase your joy. I will show you a way to fall back in love with your life and work. Give you the tools, strategies, techniques to slow down to achieve more. I help you to find
your way.

I am no stranger to loss and hardship myself. Yet, through my brokenness I
found healing, hope and joy in my life.

With a combined 17 years working Human Resources, Recruitment, Coaching
and Mentoring, I bring both life and work experience to my coaching.
You’re ready to achieve more in your life, career, and business, so let’s make
your vision a reality.

Facebook: Kiki Kirby Coaching
Instagram: Kiki.Kirby.Coaching

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