Susan Laing

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Hello, I’m Susan. I am a Kambo Naturista practitioner.
I trained with Giovanni Lattanzi, and deepened my experience with further
self-exploration, in the Peruvian Amazon jungle. It was during the 3 weeks there that I released the PTSD symptoms within my own body.

I witnessed and experienced healing on many levels. My
experience in the Peruvian Amazon was life-changing. Kambo is indeed a
cross between science and magic.

When receiving Kambo one often goes through a death and rebirth
experience. Letting go of trauma and ego heightens awareness, which brings
about a further capacity to be of service to all sentient beings.

My background is medical. I studied Podiatry, and then followed the holistic
medicine path training in Iridology,Naturopathy, and Nutrition. This change of
direction was all due to my own poor health. Cleansing brings about healing and
change. Trust your instincts and bring some of this magic into your life.

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