Steve Mugnier

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I trained in mime, drama and dance at various schools in the UK and
Amsterdam before dancing in The Dutch National Opera.

After my career as a Dancer I studied Pranayama in
Bangalore, which led to further training as a Yoga teacher in India and later
internationally. I have been teaching at retreats and hosting my own
workshops throughout the U.K. and Europe for the past 10 years.

My style is informed by the combined teachings of Sivananda, Scaravelli,
Ashtanga, Shadow Yoga, Qi Gung, Somatic movement and Feldenkrais.
After suffering a serious spine injury in a car crash, I was told that I would be
wheelchair bound. An estimated 90% of the population experiences back
problems at some point, so the focus of my classes is in healing the spine. I
use very simple yet profoundly healing movement, which is accessible to most
people regardless of size and age.

I have found that functional movement and ‘pandiculation’ (lengthening and
release) rather than ‘stretching’ in a position are the most effective within this
context. Join me and see how pandiculation can help you.

My interests include Chinese, Indian and Western 'tonic herbalism’ and meditation as taught by Dr Joe Dispenza. ‘The Universe doesn’t respond to what you want but to who you are being’

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