Louise Mac

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Hi I’m Louise and my passion is sharing my knowledge of cosmetic science, chemistry, and essential oils to help people make informed decisions on how to detoxify their life and improve their own and their family’s overall health. The use of plant materials as medicine has been around for centuries. As a clinical aromatherapist I harness the use of essential oils to bring balance to our everyday lives and to help maintain health.

My first experience of aromatherapy was as a teenager suffering with eczema flare ups. It was then that I was introduced to chamomile water. I was totally inspired and then went on to train under the pioneers of aromatherapy within the UK. I have now been practising as a clinical aromatherapist for 8 years. I have journeyed around the world meeting artisan distillers particularly in France and now teach diplomas and CPD courses in academies across the Midlands. I also run workshops. I grew up submerged in nature and still spend much of my free time out walking my dog with my family and travelling. When at home I’m often gardening and growing vegetables. It’s all about the power of plants and nature.

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