Ice Cream for breakfast? Seriously?

Smoothie bowls are a big hit at lifetrainme, especially when the weather is fabulously warm and sunny. But what about taking this one step further? When the sun is shining and the temperature is rising why not indulge in a breakfast ice cream bowl...

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Nourishing Breakfast Bowls

At lifetrainme we are all about eating healthily, even when time is short and it seems like there is loads on the to-do list. I like to keep a few recipes to hand which help everyone keep on the right track and there's nothing better than some healing...

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Could you follow a sugar free diet?

Many of us probably don't realise just how much sugar we are consuming and often when I ask the question I find that people get very defensive. It's always enlightening to hear the answers but even more so to see the reaction when I point out exactly where sugar is hidden in the modern diet...

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